Service Stages

Intake stage:

The Child Well-Being Worker will collect referent information to decide if an investigation should occur or if other preventive services may be more appropriate.

Investigation stage:

During this stage your Child Well Being Worker will work with parents/caregivers to determine any immediate safety concerns and create a plan with you for the immediate safety of your child(ren) should it be required. They will determine in working with you and your community if ongoing services are required.

Ongoing stage:

Your Child Well-Being worker will work with you to help develop your plan to assist you in keeping your children safe and free from harm. Ongoing monitoring of the plan will occur to ensure your needs are met to provide you every opportunity for positive parenting. You can ask to review or change your service plan at any time.

Closing Stage:

The Child Well Being worker will meet with you to review the plans that have worked for you to meet your goals. A reunification ceremony can occur at this stage if you have had to utilize child in care supports. Ongoing family and community supports are identified that will remain after child welfare file closure.