KGCFS Brochure PDF Copy (November 2017)
Translated in the English Language, it means: “All of us, We are one”

We appreciate that there may be varied interpretations within the Anishinaabe Language. For our intention we recognize the meaning as, “We stand as individuals, each with our own uniqueness, as we all stand together as one”.

We thank the Kina Gbezhgomi Elders Advisory Group, Francis Kaboni and Phyllis Williams for their assistance in interpretations. The four directions have many different representations in the Native Culture; for the purposes of the “Kina Gbezhgomi Logo” these four directions represent the qualities that families should strive for such as: Love, Unity, Safety and Security.

It was stated that it is the medicine wheel is about, about life. We start from the middle, there are 4 directions, place the child in the middle and as you grow up there are 4 stages of life.

For children and families to remain strong and connected there must be love and a sense of unity between family members. A good family home should provide a safe and secure environment for all family members and children who live there to foster growth and strong family connections.

In the logo the child is surrounded and protected by family members. In the logo the child is the focus and nurtured by the family. The family is connected by the circle of life.

“I am proud to be a part of this organization in a small way through the logo I created years ago and want to say Meegwetch for the recognition now and then and to keep up the good work…….” – Warren Lewis

“The Anishinaabe child is a gift from the Creator. The child represents all creation, its place is at the centre and must always remain our focus.” – Kina Gbezhgomi Elders Advisory Group

  Our History  

Service Principles

  1. That all Prevention and Child Welfare Services delivered are culturally based utilizing traditions and practices that strengthen cultural identity for children and families.
  2. That all Prevention and Child Welfare Services delivered will support children remaining in their communities with healthy caregivers to stay connected with their roots, culture and language.
  3. That Child Welfare Services will be family-centered and family-focused while not compromising the safety and well-being of the child.
  4.  That Child Welfare Services will use innovative, collaborative processes that empower children, families and communities to participate in all aspects of case planning and decision making.
  5.  That all Prevention and Child Welfare Services will place emphasis on supporting families based on honest and open communication to create relationships and partnerships.


  • Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services will honour and support our family’s and community’s inherent authority to care for their children based on unity, traditions, values, beliefs and customs.

Mission Statement

  • Our services ensure children are protected and stay connected with their culture, language and community while strengthening family and community relationships.