KGCFS Youth aged 14-24 are invited to join upcoming activities hosted at Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin (formerly Roy House). Every Monday in the month of June KGCFS will be running a hand drum making workshop with a teaching being given to the youth throughout the sessions. The youth will work together to make individual hand drums using deer and buffalo hide with an end goal to make a giant drum for the agency.

The programming is divided into categories:
Monday– Cultural
Tuesday– Life Skills
Friday- Social Night

Wednesday 7th June- Outdoor Photography Challenge

The youth will be asked to bring their phones to the session this week and a camera will be given to those youth that don’t own a phone. The youth will be participating in a scavenger hunt type photography challenge where the youth will have certain photo’s to capture such as a picture of bird, a picture of an insect, a picture of something you thought was beautiful etc. Once the youth have ticked off all the photography items on the list we will ask the youth to share their photo’s with the group and staff will decide on some category competition winners. Eg. Best overall photo with the winners receiving prizes. The purpose of the session is to help the youth find alternative uses of their phones aside from social media, in addition to exploring creative career paths such as photography and design. The session will also be linked to mindfulness with having the youth spending time outdoors and just present in their own company whilst undertaking the challenge. Some of the youth’s photography can also be displayed in the Roy House.

Wednesday 14th June- Tie Dye Tee’s

This session the youth will get a chance to create and make their own t-shirts using a Tie- Die method. This session will help the youth understand how to die clothing, handle chemicals safely and how to wash and dry a t-shirt using a washing machine. The youth will be able to explore their creative sides by creating their own designs using colors they’ve selected.


Wednesday 21st June- No program


Friday 23rd June- Summer Solstice Celebration

This session will be a fun gathering for the youth to celebrate the day of the year with the longest light. During this session we will be having a BBQ, music, dancing, a fire with toasting marshmallows with outdoor games. All staff from the Youth Outreach Team will attend to celebrate with the Youth.


Wednesday 28th June- Self-Care Session

During this session we will be looking at hygiene and self-care to help the youth practice positive self-care physically and mentally. We will be offering hand massages and nail care, giving out care packages with deodorants, shower gel, socks, shoulder massages.


For more information, please contact – 1- 705-370-2100
Charlotte Howse ext. 2529
Greyson Digiacomantonio ext. 2519
Thomas Galloway ext. 2522