September Program Activity Descriptions

For more information, please contact – 705-370-2100
Charlotte Howse ext. 2529

Must be age 14-24yrs and receiving services from KGCFS (Protection or CIC)
Activities take place at Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin (formerly Roy House) at 3260 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury.

Friday 1st September 2023- Pajama Party and Movie 11am-3pm

Come join us at our Youth Outreach Hub at Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin (formerly Roy House) for a fun movie afternoon with popcorn, chips, chocolate and candy. The Movie will be decided on the day by the youth that attend. Pajama’s will be worn by staff and are strongly encouraged for our youth that attend!

Wednesday 6th September 2023- Kina’s Declassified School Survival Guide 4-6.30pm

With many of our youth heading back to school on Monday 4th September, why not join us for a fun workshop on how to survive your school year with tips on social interaction, workshops on what type of learner you are, quizzes, healthy relationships and anti-bullying.

Friday 8th September 2023- Back to School Festival

Celebrate the first week of school by coming to our back to school festival! There will be music, hair braiding, glitter face art, activity stations to make bracelets, slime, transfer tattoo’s, henna art and make shift photo booth.

Monday 11th September 2023- Indian Taco’s

YUM! Our youth advisory council coordinator Katelyn will be running an indigenous cooking session and teaching you how to make Indian Taco’s. Come and learn how to make Indian fry bread tacos with ground beef, taco sauce, ranch style beans and your favorite toppings. You will make your own taco’s and can make extra to take home to share with friends/family!

Wednesday 13th September 2023- Baking Pretzels

Get your chef’s hat on and join us for another cooking activity. This time our youth outreach worker Eric will be showing you how to make pretzels. You will get to make your own pretzels and choose your ingredients to decide if you want a sweet pretzel or a savory one!

Friday 15th September 2023- Fondue and Film

Its Friday! That means social night with the youth outreach team! Come down to Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin (formerly Roy House) and hang out with us whilst we watch a movie. In addition to watching a great film and hanging out we will be having a fondue station with melted chocolate, fruit kebabs, marshmallows and more!

Monday 18th September 2023- Shaker Making

Monday’s youth outreach program focuses on bringing Indigenous culture to our youth. This Monday we are partnering with the cultural department to make Shakers. You will all get a chance to make your own shaker which can then form part of your sacred bundle. A traditional teaching on the relevance and use of shakers in Anishinaabe culture will be given as part of this very special cultural activity.

Wednesday 20th September 2023- Orienteering

Wednesday’s at Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin are all about increasing our life skills. This week we will be utilizing the trails out back and will be running a fun exploration and map reading activity. Hunt through the forest as part of a team to beat the opposing team in finding all the markers on the map. The quickest team wins a prize!

Friday 22nd September 2023- Lego and Eggo’s

Friday’s social activity this week is a great one! Come and hang out with us, play with Lego and eat eggo’s! This session will be a chilled way to socialize and build some cool lego structures, we’ll have the Lego Movie Playing on screen as well as the opportunity to play some Lego themed games on our PS5. Dinner is always provided for our youth outreach programs activities but for this session we will have breakfast for dinner with a variety of different flavored eggo’s where you can choose your toppings.

Monday 25th September 2023- Cedar Foot Soaks

Come and experience another great cultural program session this Monday with another partnership between our youth outreach team and cultural department. Cedar “Giizhik” is a sacred medicine and is full of vitamin C and can be easily brewed into a tea with its branches steeped in water for a short time. It also has great healing properties to clean skin and wounds. Cedar Foot Soaks assist your body in releasing toxins through the pores of your feet by increasing natural blood flow while releasing built up toxins and increasing your energy and overall wellbeing. So come and relax with us this Monday and soak up this great cultural activity!

Wednesday 27th September 2023- Junk Sculptures

This Wednesday come and get creative but also enhance those life skills by using different materials and items to make a marvelous sculpture out of “junk”. Grab some glue, safety pins, sticky tape and get making but make sure your sculpture can stand! There will be a youth and staff vote for the best sculpture and the winner will receive a prize!

Friday 29th September 2023- Full Moon Ceremony (Females only- From aged 12+)

Indigenous Teachings share that everything has a Spirit and Women are most connected to the spirit of Grandmother Moon.  She governs a women’s moontime, also known as a cleansing cycle or cycle of menstruation. When the moon is full, women can ask Grandmother Moon to give them new energy.  This is where the Full Moon Ceremony lies in tradition, where women will gather in a circle from youngest to oldest to honor generations of life in women. During this sharing time, the women may privately ask Grandmother Moon to bless her water.  This water may be used as medicine throughout the month, and known as Moon Water. The conducting of a full moon ceremony is opened with a smudge and a fire.

For more information, please contact – 705-370-2100
Charlotte Howse ext. 2529

Must be age 14-24yrs and receiving services from KGCFS (Protection or CIC)
Activities take place at Enjimaajiigawat Minawaadiziwin (formerly Roy House) at 3260 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury.