If you have a concern about a child’s safety call 1-800-268-1899 to talk to qualified staff. Do not leave comments here to ensure a timely response to your concern and that child’s safety.

    Have you seen a staff member, supervisor or foster parent go beyond the call of duty? We want to know about it. We value individual efforts within our Agency and want to recognize them. You can mail, fax, phone or email your compliment.

    Comments from the public may be informal complaints, general concerns or questions about the services we provide. You can mail, fax, phone or email your comment and we shall ensure that reasonable efforts to address these comments are made and report back to you.

    If you are receiving services from our Agency, please visit our service complaint page for details on the steps to take to resolve your complaint.

    If you are not receiving services from our Agency and wish to report a complaint, you can mail, fax, phone or email your complaint and we will ensure that reasonable efforts to resolve your complaint are taken and report back to you.