A Message From The Board Chairperson

On behalf of Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services Board of Directors, I welcome you to our website!

I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce you to the role of the Board of Directors whom act as the governing body of the corporation. As a Board, we will ensure that all aspects of the agency are consistent with its Mandate, Vision, Mission, Values, Philosophy and Guiding Principles. Will also take into account requirements specified by our member First Nation laws that have been enacted to protect and preserve Anishinabek culture, languages, customs, traditions and practices for the betterment of Anishinabek.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include planning, policy development, monitoring of programs and operations, communications, and delegation of responsibility for administrative and program operations set and supervise its direction, through our Executive Director including the approval of operating budgets as well as major programs and expenditures. The Board of Directors will actively participate in the agency’s strategic planning process to allow for collaboration and exchange of ideas with First Nations members that they represent.

For the agency to be successful and maintain stability, evaluation and monitoring systems are a vital component of the Board of Directors; not only for review and understanding of the operations but for effective decision making. The Board of Directors further incorporates benchmarking strategies that consider processes within the organization by measuring performance through its strategic plan to improve service and performance.

The Board of Directors represent their member First Nation by continuing to collaborate with community supports and services to help create a world with tangible impacts to improve upon the lives of our Anishinabek children, youth and families every single day.

G’Chi Miiwech for visiting our website!

Kevin Mossip, Zhiibaahaasing First Nation

Board Chairperson

“Together, we Celebrate Success!”